Woodgrain Vinyl Fence

Low Maintenance Woodgrain Vinyl Fence

If you want the rustic, traditional look of a wooden fence without all the maintenance and repainting that wood requires, you should consider a woodgrain vinyl fence instead. The woodgrain vinyl fences from Think Fencing come with a lifetime warranty and require no maintenance whatsoever, but they still look like natural wood. They even come in a wide range of styles and colours and have been used for residential properties, horse paddocks, and commercial sites like racetracks and sporting grounds. If you want to get anything fenced in Australia, we’re the best option you’ve got.
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Wooden Vinyl Fences

Wood is probably the most common material used for fences, and it does have some benefits. A woodgrain fence provides a classic look and is cheaper than many alternatives, but there are lots of reasons to consider other options. Wood often splits and cracks and can rot and splinter. When exposed to the elements. It swells in the winter, which means gates set too tight can become impossible to open. A wooden fence requires regular maintenance and upkeep, for example, it needs to be repainted in order to keep its colour, and panels will often need to be replaced due to damage. The biggest downside is probably that wood doesn’t last as long as the more expensive alternatives. With the right maintenance, an average woodgrain fence will last 8-15 years, which means you’ll need to replace it much sooner than a Think Fencing fence.

Woodgrain Vinyl Fences

Woodgrain vinyl is becoming an increasingly more popular choice for fencing. While it’s more expensive than wood, it makes up for it in the long term by lasting much longer and requiring almost no maintenance. The fences from Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), come with a lifetime warranty and never need to be repainted and will still remain functional and keep their colour where others will need painting. Vinyl doesn’t rot, crack or splinter, and doesn’t change due to the weather. Our fences have been built to withstand the diverse Australian climate. They’re even scratch and graffiti resistant. Best of all! You can have all this and get the look of a wooden fence without the maintenance. A woodgrain fence looks like natural timber without the problems of real wood.

Our Woodgrain Fencing Options

No matter what you’re looking to have fenced or what style you want, Think Fencing has an option for you. Our range includes:

  • Picket fences
  • Privacy fences
  • Horizontal slat fences
  • Horse fences
  • And more

All of these are available in different styles and colours, to ensure you can create your perfect fence.

Leading Woodgrain Vinyl Fences in Australia: Think Fencing

There’s no better place in Australia to get a woodgrain fence than Think Fencing. We’ve been in the business for over 20 years and deliver high-quality products across the country. With our wide range and excellent customer service, we’re a leader in the industry. We guarantee that our products will last a lifetime, and they don’t require maintenance. Our fences are so uncomplicated that you can install them yourself, but we can also help you locate a nearby installer if you’re too busy to do the job. Explore the options on our website and request a quote today. If woodgrain fences is not what your looking for, our online store provides many other fencing products including residential fencing, 4 rail horse fence, horse fence gates, and more. So come check us out.
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