Toucan Picket Fence Range


Picket Fence Colour Range

Night Mist
Grey Ridge
Winter Green
Red Oak
Woodgrain Pine
Red Gum

Toucan Picket Fence Specifications

Toucan Picket Fence

  • Price based on 2.39m panels.
  • Panel height measured from ground level to top of post (excluding cap).
  • One post and post cap included with each panel.
  • Additional post required at the end of each fence run or where gate is required.
  • Highest Picket Height: 355mm above post height (including cap). 
  • Lowest Picket Height: Level with post height (including cap).
  • Picket Step Down: Various.
  • Top Rail Height: 173mm below post (including cap).
  • 50mm gap between ground and bottom of plinth rail.
  • Colour panels have a steel insert in top rail.
  • Custom designs, heights and colours available on request.
Each Panel Includes
  • 1 x Post and Post Cap (127mm x 127mm).
  • 1 x Plinth Rail (150mm x 50mm).
  • 1 x Steel Insert for Plinth Rail.
  • 1 x Top Rail (88mm x 51mm).
  • 1 x Steel Insert for Top Rail – Colours only.
  • 18 x Pickets and Picket Caps (76mm x 22mm) at 45mm spacing. 
  • Panel height above 1.5m include a 88mm x 51mm mid rail.

This fence design can be used up to the height of 1.5m.

Above the height of 1.5m requires a mid rail.