Individual Fence Components

Individual PVC Components

Think Fencing provides individual PVC Profiles for use in a range of fencing and DIY projects including garden beds, cladding, hydroponic systems, and soon to be released “Decking”.

Custom lengths and colours are available on request. (ELT)

Why do you need fencing components?

Most commercial fences don’t come with a limited lifetime warranty such as the one we offer at Think Fencing. Whilst nothing is unbreakable, sometimes your fence will require repairs and might require some components to be replaced.

Some components can be used to improve the strength and quality of an existing fence, such as reinforcers or additional rails. Adding new components can also help you change the look and functionality of your fence and give you an upgrade without replacing the entire fence.

What fencing components do you need?

If there’s something about your fence you want to change or need to replace, the first step is to figure out what fencing component you need. This can be done by doing your own research on the subject, or by consulting one of our friendly consultants to ask them what part needs to be replaced or improved usually, the best way to figure out which part it is.

Our friendly customer service team is also available to advise you. If you want a stronger fence or you’re adding something to it, you might want to consider steel reinforcements. Another reason to get a new fencing component is to fill the gap between your fence and the ground. If your fence is against the soil, that usually voids any warranty you had. To combat this, many use timber, but that will only last you a little while until it needs to be replaced. Our Plinth rail is a better option. Additionally, if you want to add height or an aesthetic touch to your fence, we have a vinyl lattice insert that can be installed on top of a Lysaght fence. We also supply plastic fence slats on our online store.

What fences do they work for?

The Plinth rail and lattice insert by Think Fencing are both designed for steel fences and work on Lysaght or colorbond fences. The Plinth also works with other steel fences such as metrol and stratco. Other accessories and spare parts for fences can usually be used on most fences, but it’s best to consult our customer service team to make sure your fence is suitable.

Additionally, some of these fencing components need to be taken into account when your fence is built. Our lattice insert requires provisions built into the fence, so if your fence has not yet been built, you should always tell your contractor about any components you plan to add so they can make the appropriate adjustments.

Leading fencing components

We’re number one in Australia when it comes to fences and fencing components. Our products are Australian-made and eco-friendly and most come with a lifetime warranty. They’re built to withstand all the elements and will last decades.

We can also help you build a new fence from scratch, with our wide selection of styles and colours. If you’re in the market for new vinyl, wood, and steel fencing components, there’s no better choice. Go with Think Fencing. If fencing components is not what your looking for, our online store provides other supplies such as plastic fence slats, picket fencing, woodgrain fences, and more. So come check us out.

PVC Residential Fencing Components

Rail 150 x 150mm
Post 100 x 100mm
Post 127 x 127mm
Picket 38 x 38mm
Picket 76 x 22mm
Rail 88 x 51mm
Pollock Channel
Mystique Panelling 220 x 22mm
Post Cap 127 x 127mm
Post Cap 100 x 100mm
Picket Cap 38 x 38mm
Picket Cap 76 x 22mm

Individual PVC Components Colour Range

ELT = Extended Lead Time

Cream (ELT)
Beech (ELT)
Beige (ELT)
Night Mist
Grey Ridge
Winter Green (ELT)
Red Oak (ELT)
Delux (ELT)
Woodgrain Pine
Red Gum

Standard Sizing

Plnth Rail
2340 mm
150 mm
3090 mm
300 mm
Vinyl Lattice
3090 mm
300 mm
2340 mm
300 mm