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For over two decades Think Fencing has been developing and perfecting its fencing products for Horse Fencing and Rural fencing applications.

Durable and Stylish Rural Fencing That’s Safe for All Your Animals

Out in the countryside or the outback, your rural fencing in Australia needs are going to be a bit more rigorous than a homeowner in the suburbs. You have to worry about many more types of woodboring insects and pests damaging your fencing. In the hot months, you worry about sudden fires and how they might affect your land. If you have any animals, you worry about their safety, and you make sure the fence you choose won’t allow them to hurt themselves on it. Your average suburban homeowner and you share worries over price, but after that, there’s a world of difference.
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We at Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), understand that perfectly well, and our motivations for it are actually quite personal. Our founder, Jack Fitzgerald, had a beloved horse injure itself on a poorly designed fence, after which he decided to invest in designing a pioneering kind of fencing that put horse safety as its top priority. Since then, that design has become commonplace across Australia for its affordability, safety, and longevity. Think Fencing is proud to have the largest range of rural fencing available for purchase. If you’re looking for traditional post & rail fencing to keep animals safe and your property marked off and protected, look no further. If you want the best in keeping your horses safe happy and healthy, our Zappa Rail will be perfect. Whatever your needs are, we’re sure to be able to provide you with a great solution.

Leading Rural Fencing: Timberline: Better Than Timber, Just as Tasteful

People often say: If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That’s how the classic post & rail fence has endured. It’s a solid, straightforward, respectable rural fencing style that doesn’t put your cattle and horses at risk. That’s why it’s still a favourite for Australian country life. We at Think Fencing aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel, so we haven’t touched the design. Instead, we looked at where we could truly make a worthwhile improvement: the materials.

Wood is timeless and solid, but wood is also vulnerable to the elements. Wood is flammable, decays, inviting all sorts of insects, and loses its paint coating over time if painted. That means a lot of trouble for property owners, and we focused there to minimize that trouble. The result of our design and technology is Timberline, a non-toxic vinyl polymer that will outlast any wood fence and look good doing it. The outer layer reflects the sun’s UV rays traditionally painted timber, meaning it will be several decades before you notice any significant signs of degradation. These same outer layers have the desired pigment blended throughout, giving the fence a rich and scratch-resistant colour that does not fade the way wood or Colorbond does.

Meanwhile, the inner layer uses high tech impact modifiers to make sure your fence can withstand many of the usual hazards. These same impact modifiers help keep your animals from injuring themselves with the fence itself. The combination of layers and high tech composites has been what sets Timberline apart, including a design that keeps all the charm and reliability of timber while erasing its biological shortcomings.

Best Rural Fencing Supplies in Australia: Zappa Rail

Our post & rail is already quite safe for animals, but if your horses’ safety is your biggest concern, Zappa rail has you covered. Zappa Rail uses high tensile wires encapsulated in a UV stabilized Polyethylene., which can be electrified and adjusted to the desired tension quite easily. You can find out more on the Zappa and Equirail pages!

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If you’d like more information or want guidance throughout installing your newly purchased fence, we’re just a call or email away. To get in touch, call or email us at 03 5259 2555 or sales@thinkfencing.com.au.

We also supply composite fencing, privacy fencing, and recycled fencing on our online store so come check us out.
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Rural Australia can be both beautiful and harsh. Our weather, in all its contrasts, provides conditions which are extreme and demanding.

Think Fencing have spent 15 years developing fencing systems in Australia, for Australian conditions.  Our products are incredibly tough, durable, versatile and functional. Our Lifetime Warranty proves it.

Think Fencing is perfect for Australia’s rural borders, whether you are talking 50 metres or 500 kilometres.

Inspired by Australia’s vast array of natural colours and textures, our styles and designs reflect and compliment  the beauty of country Australia.

Developed, designed and manufactured in rural Australia and available throughout all of Australia, and beyond, our products are now in demand all over the world.

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