Decking Overview




Sustainable. Simple. Practical. This is the future of decking.

Think Fencing has spent countless hours developing a sustainable decking board using recycled PVC and that dream is almost a reality.

Waste PVC has long been a problem for Australian businesses, with over 85 tonnes of rigid PVC and used store and loyalty cards going into landfill every month. Utilising over twenty years of specialised experience in plastic extrusion we are proud to have finalised a new decking board that utilises waste PVC as its core material, redirecting it from landfill into a usable building product. With timber becoming both more expensive and varying in quality in recent years, we are focused on delivering sustainable, long lasting decking that will last you for years.

Soon to be available in a range of colours, the board is capped with an ASA capping layer providing excellent protection against fading under UV light whilst locking out stains and scratches. Its formulation of additives are built to withstand whatever you can throw at it, and unlike timber requires no oiling, painting or sealing.

If you are looking to introduce a long lasting and durable PVC decking board to your next project please fill out your expression of interest to receive updates on product launch dates and other exciting news.

Think Fencing PVC Benefits

We’ve heard all the concerns, perhaps the most popular is; plastic is cheap and won’t last outside in the Australia conditions. If this was true do you think we would offer a 30 year warranty on all our plastic (PVC) fencing.

DIY Installation

So you’re reasonably handy and would like to save some save money, then great news our PVC decking is easy to install.

ECO Friendly

Despite what you may think about plastics, the PVC used to make out fences are in-fact eco friendly and completely recyclable.

Australian Made

All Think Fencing products are manufactured here in Australia at our Bellarine based manufacturing complex in Victoria.

Lifetime Warranty*

Think Fencing offers a limited *30 year warranty for all PVC Fencing products.

Never Paint Again

Think Fencing doesn’t require painting ever, simple choose from our large colour range and relax knowing it will never require painting. 

Graffiti Resistant

We all know fences are easy targets for graffiti artists, rest easy knowing our fences are coated in a graffiti resistant coating.

Decking Colour Range

Woodgrain Pine
Red Gum