About Think Fencing

Our Mission

To create innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable fencing products available direct to the public, understanding what you require and delivering a system at the pinnacle of innovation and technology.

Our Vision

To be the market leader in composite fencing solutions by re-inventing what is currently used in industry, whilst maintaining market growth and operational strength, with a focus on the environment.

Our Values

At the heart of everything we do are our values. We are passionate about customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, innovation, safety, trust, beauty, longevity, integrity and a focus on success.

Who we are

Founded in 1999 by Managing Director Jack Fitzgerald Think Fencing has been committed to the future of sustainable high end, long lasting fencing products.

Our mission is to create the best composite fencing systems available direct to you, putting the power of design and creativity in your hands. And delivering an experience rather than a product. Our fencing must be easy to install or if you choose to use a contractor we can help you find one.

Your fence is the picture frame of your house or property. We realise, whether you live in the suburbs or the country, your fence not only provides security, containment, and beauty. It also is a reflection of who you are.

You demand high standards, low maintenance and most of all break away from the norm and embrace technology and innovation in an often overlooked area.

We are proud that today after over a decade we have the largest, most successful range of composite fencing products available.

When you create a Think Fencing system, you aren’t merely building a fence. You are taking back your weekends, you are improving the value of your property, you are protecting your Children, You are improving the safety of your horses. You are contributing to the Environment, you are keeping jobs in Australia, and you are joining 1000s of like-minded Think Fencing owners.

Think Fencing has come far, however still has a long way to go. Just as we are helping you achieve your goals you are helping achieve ours.

Leadership team

Ben Zappia

Design Engineer

Trent Driscoll


Jack Fitzgerald

Founder / R&D Team Leader

Nadene Dudley

General manager

Jessica Nikoloski

Sales Manager


Vermin Eradication specialist