Horse Safe Fencing




Creating a horse fence.

Equirail horse fencing is a elegant, cost effective horse safe fencing solution. It’s visible and flexible making it super safe for horses. It can be easily attached to existing timber or steel posts or be used on our range of PVC posts.

Equirail Styles

Equirail x 1
Equirail x 2
Equirail x 3
Equirail x 4

Creating a horse fence

Equirail has been designed as a simple alternative to often over complex horse fencing systems. It’s ideally suited for use with Titan Rail, or any new or existing horse fencing system. It’s attached to your posts using a simple one piece bracket and is tensioned using an Equitensioner. The Equirail slides into the Equitensioner and is cranked up by hand to the desired tension.

In contrast it’s just like its bigger brother Titan Rail, it’s easy to install, highly visible and never needs painting. As a result its perfect for adding life to an old fence or to create a cost effective new Horse Fence.

Livestock safe & affordable

Made from such advanced polymers it’s tough enough to handle the most demanding conditions. Therefore wire enforcement is not needed, making it a very safe horse fencing rail. As a result it can be adapted for semi permanent solutions making it one of the most versatile horse fencing rails. This is the smaller, non electric version of the Titan Rail, yet it still has a heavy duty breaking strain of 800 kilograms.

It’s easy to install, highly visible and never needs painting. And because we make it here in Australia we can customise rail length to suit your needs – so there’s no unsightly joins.

Think Fencing Equirail-White-3

Think Fencing PVC Benefits

We’ve heard all the concerns, perhaps the most popular is; plastic is cheap and won’t last outside in the Australia conditions. If this was true do you think we would offer a 30 year warranty on all our plastic (PVC) fencing.

DIY Installation

So you’re reasonably handy and would like to save some save money, then great news our PVC fencing is easy to install.

ECO Friendly

Despite what you may think about plastics, the PVC used to make out fences are in-fact eco friendly and completely recyclable.

Australian Made

All Think Fencing products are manufactured here in Australia at our Bellarine based manufacturing complex in Victoria.

Lifetime Warranty*

Think Fencing offers a limited *30 year warranty for all PVC Fencing products.

UV Resistant

Equirail is made from durable high tech composites resistant to the harsh Australian sun. Your fence will look great for years.

Equirail Fence Colour Range


Equirail Standard Sizing


Equirail Fencing Components

Equirail (45mm)

Available per metre length, maximum roll length 200m

Equirail Roll (45mm x 100m)

Includes extra to thread through to line strainer and fit end bracket.

Equirail Top Brackets (25 Pack)

Includes screws

Equirail Starter Kit

25 x Equirail Brackets including screws
1 x Equitensioner including screws


Includes six screws