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The residential fencing experts

For over two decades, Think Fencing has been developing and perfecting composite PVC fencing for the rural and commercial industries.

Now thanks to our innovative team, this technology is available to the residential fencing market.

Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), is number one for residential fencing in Australia. We have all the options you need to create the perfect residential fence, combined with extremely high-quality materials and a high dedication to customer service. From design and purchase to installation and maintenance, everything is easy with us. 

Our vinyl residential fences have been made to withstand all the different Australian conditions and are so durable, they come with a limited lifetime warranty. They don’t even need to be maintained or repainted. 

We ship all across the country, and we can recommend experienced installers available everywhere for those who don’t want to install their new fence themselves.

Your outdoor area forms the frame of your family life. Yet we give little thought to the fencing as a backdrop. Until you have to fix it, paint it or replace it.

Think Fencing’s PVC fencing systems are technically superior to standard systems and yet provide aesthetics and benefits most people wouldn’t dream of.

Think Fencing’s range of composite fencing colours and styles can be customised to make your vision a reality.

Timber grain and plain colours combine in styles that look as traditional or modern as you want…and never ever need painting or repair.

Think Fencing products are Incredibly resilient and tough. Whether you need screening for privacy or a picket fence combining colour and style, Think Fencing offers amazing versatility combined with technical brilliance.

Think Fencing’s research and development in fencing is an endless quest to innovate and improve fencing products to the rural, residential and commercial fencing industries.

Think Fencing is so confident of its range meeting your highest expectations of excellence, that it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Why every home needs a fence

A fence might seem like an aesthetic choice or something that marks out the boundaries of your property, but it’s so much more than that! A fence has an impact on the security and value of your home, and can:

  • Deter or prevent criminals
  • Protect your garden from wild animals
  • Keep your children and pets from escaping
  • Improve the value of your home
  • Block noise from neighbours or roads
  • Provide privacy
  • Prevent strangers from entering your property
  • And more

Need fencing services for your home?

What we have to offer

Depending on the purpose you want your fence to serve and what you want it to look like, there are lots of different options out there. We have a huge range here at Think Fencing. Our fences are vinyl, which means they’re more durable and require less maintenance than wooden fences. For a classic look, we have picket fences. These are great for providing a functional boundary that looks great and can keep smaller dogs from escaping, among other benefits.

Picket fences also come in various styles and are available in many different colours, so you can get the exact look that best suits your home and your tastes. For more protection and privacy, we also have taller privacy fences and semi-private horizontal slat fences. These can also be adapted to your tastes and requirements, coming in different styles, colours and sizes.

Whether you live rurally and want a less conspicuous way to mark out your boundaries, or if you have plenty of neighbours and want a residential fence that serves multiple purposes, we have options to choose from.

Think Fencing PVC Benefits

We’ve heard all the concerns, perhaps the most popular is; plastic is cheap and won’t last outside in the Australia conditions. If this was true do you think we would offer a 30 year warranty on all our plastic (PVC) fencing.

DIY Installation

So you’re reasonably handy and would like to save some save money, then great news our PVC fencing is easy to install.

ECO Friendly

Despite what you may think about plastics, the PVC used to make out fences are in-fact eco friendly and completely recyclable.

Australian Made

All Think Fencing products are manufactured here in Australia at our Bellarine based manufacturing complex in Victoria.

Lifetime Warranty*

Think Fencing offers a limited *30 year warranty for all PVC Fencing products.

Never Paint Again

Think Fencing doesn’t require painting ever, simple choose from our large colour range and relax knowing it will never require painting. 

Graffiti Resistant

We all know fences are easy targets for graffiti artists, rest easy knowing our fences are coated in a graffiti resistant coating.

Leading residential fencing in Australia

What makes us the best

There isn’t just one reason that we’re the best fencing provider in Australia, there are lots of them!

  • We provide amazing customer service
  • Our fences are so high-quality that they come with a lifetime warranty
  • Our fences are scratch and graffiti resistant, require no maintenance, and don’t need to be painted
  • They’re so easy to install you can do it yourself
  • We ship all across Australia
  • We have the widest range of colour options within PVC fencing
  • Everything is 100% made in Australia and the materials are eco-friendly

If you’re ready to get your home fenced in, do yourself a favour by choosing Think Fencing. Improve the value of your home and gain more security by buying a low-maintenance fence from us.

Our whole range can be explored on the website, and we’re always here to help you decide and give advice. Once you’ve made your decision, simply request a quote, and we’ll get back to you in no time with a team of the country’s best residential fencing contractors.

We provide services everywhere in Australia, including residential fencing in Adelaide, picket fencing in Sydney, horse fencing in Geelong, and more.