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If you’ve taken on the big responsibility of owning or caring for horses, you care enough about them to make sure they’re properly fed, cared for, and stabled. That includes the fencing for their enclosure, and you may already know how dangerous an inadequate fence can be. Horses being flight animals can easily run straight into a fence and easily injure themselves in an unsuitable fence; when this happens, they often panic and seriously hurt themselves in the process. Our very own founder had this experience with his own horse, which inspired him to design a fence that put horse safety front and centre. Thanks to that ingenuity all the way back in 1999, we now provide horse fencing for sale and thoroughbred racetracks all around the world.
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PVC Horse Fencing Built to Last

And at Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), we’re as dedicated to customer ease as we are to animal care and safety. Virtually all our equine fencing options require no professional or contractor for installation; with nothing but a few basic tools and once the posts are installed, our many helpful video tutorials and PDF guides, you can set up your horse stable fence in no time at all. We can also help you locate a professional nearby if you prefer to hire someone for the installation. And we’re always open to calls enquiring about our products, materials, and practices because we’re proud of what we do. We source raw materials locally, use reusable and recycled materials, look after the environment and animals, and we guarantee our customers quality they didn’t know was possible.

Horse Fences Designed for Strength & Safety

The horse stable fencing we have for sale isn’t just made of a different material—it’s made to account for every likelihood of horse safety. Our Zappa and Equirail both revolve around polymer rails that can be tightened to your preference, meaning the material is solid and sturdy but won’t break and leave dangerous pieces behind for your horse to cut itself on. Our railing will also last for decades with no need for maintenance because no termite wants to make itself a home in polymer. Zappa fencing can also be electrified with ease, keeping unwanted animals out and your own securely contained. You can check out our installation guide video to see what Zappa looks like in action. Don’t worry about the colour, either; if you don’t like the stark white rails, we also have rails available in black for an elegant, more natural-looking black horse fence.

Australian Made Horse Fencing For Sale

With every PVC or composite fence we make, we fight the myth that plastics can’t be made sustainably and conscientiously. Think Fencing has won awards for polymers Made Using Best Environmental Practice because we make sure our PVC is 100% recyclable. We often use recycled vinyl ourselves! So, if you’re passionate about Australia’s beautiful wilderness, you can rest assured that none of it was sacrificed to make our rails or fence panels.

We’re also a certified Australian Made business. To support our economy, we’ve become one of Australia’s largest producers of polymer composite, vinyl and PVC fencing. We do this all sustainably; after all, what sort of company can claim to care for animals while not polluting the land?

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You can explore and learn about our range of equine fencing under the different tabs for post & rail, Zappa, and Equirail. For any enquiries or live installation guidance, feel free to call us at 03 5259 2555.

We also supply gate for horse fence and slide in fence panels on our online store so come check us out.

All too often, Stud managers and equestrian facility owners find themselves spending more on their fencing than they were ever anticipating. In Australia’s unforgiving environment, weather can have a huge impact on the materials used to build enclosures, as well as horses themselves, who sometimes cannot resist scratching and rubbing on their fences. All this means that even the most resilient of timber fences can soon need replacing.

Yet, some horse owners do not initially see the value of PVC horse fencing. In contrast to the types of plastic horse rail fencing you might have seen thirty years ago, there have been great innovations in our industry when it comes to emulating and even improving on timber fencing and Think Fencing has been right there at the forefront every time.

Plastic Horse Rail Fencing: Elegant and Sturdy

When you buy your plastic horse rail fencing from us, you will benefit from over two decades of design innovation. Since 1999, Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), have always worked hard to improve upon industry standards, exceed customer expectations and create our products in an environmentally friendly way whilst offering our clients the most durable and dependable fencing available. We are also very proud of the fact that we have invested in Australian manufacturing and are pleased to say that all of our products are 100% designed and manufactured by us in Australia for the harsh Australian environment.

We’ve worked very hard to change the image of PVC horse fencing. Our designs are generated to look as close as possible and often outshine timber products, whether it is a dark PVC rail to look like mahogany or a white plastic horse fence emulating a light and breezy painted pine. We have a huge range of colours and finishes, and you’re guaranteed to find the tone and finish to suit your individual look.

But it isn’t just the look that is important. Our horse fences are made to withstand huge amounts of punishment from:

  • Ultraviolet rays – colours will not fade nor peel like painted wood.
  • High impact – if your horse bangs or kicks at the fence, it is made to withstand it.
  • Scratches and general wear – there’ll be no splintering or cracking with misuse.
  • Weather-resistant – no damage from wind or rain.

All of which falls under the limited lifetime warranty we offer on all our products!

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Whatever use you have for our rails and fencing, there is likely to have been a customer with similar needs to you. If you want some inspiration, just head over to our galleries for some ideas, and you’ll see what our products look like when they have been installed. You can also make use of our expert customer service representatives by giving us a call or sending us an email now with the details of your project and your property, and we will gladly give you guidance on what you might consider. We also supply other horse fencing products including horse running rail.

You can also get a quote by filling out our online form with a few details about yourself and your property and any other requirements you think are useful. We’ll come back with a competitive price for your fencing and details about how we can proceed with your order today! We can supply anywhere in the country; and this includes supplying horserail in Geelong, Melbourne. Read Less

  • Long, long lasting.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Simple, fast, easy installation.
  • 800kg breaking strain.
  • 45mm wide.
  • Lengths made to order.
  • Horse safe fencing
  • 100% Australian Made.

Equirail Horse Safe Fencing to Suit Your Needs


Our Equirail Horse Fence Colour Range



Width Roll Length
45mm 100 Meters

Any length up to 200m can be custom made


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PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing uv resistant
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly

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