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“We create Beautiful, safe and strong fences that last a lifetime.  That’s always been our goal”

Jack Fitzgerald – Founder and Managing Director.

“We create Beautiful, safe and strong fences that last a lifetime.
That’s always been our goal”

Jack Fitzgerald – Founder and Managing Director.

Leading PVC Fencing Supplier in Australia

The Thoroughbred of PVC Fences and Composite Fences

We are a professional, friendly team of engineers, fencing designers and horse lovers dedicated to designing and creating the best Rural and Residential fencing systems on earth.

For over 15 Years, through innovation and perspiration, we have become one of the leading fencing designers and makers of composite Vinyl.

Our repeat customers include high profile Thoroughbred Breeders, Property developers, Racing Clubs, Metropolitan and Regional Councils.

To create the world’s best fencing systems we use only the best plastic processing technologies and materials. All of our fencing raw material, production and design, is local, which makes us one of the leading manufacturers of Vinyl and composite fencing in Australia.

Every fence design is exclusively tested and proven; every piece of fencing carries our quality guarantee. Every one of our fencing products are made in Australia and proven in Australia. We’re proud of that.

Why PVC Fencing Might be the Solution for You in Australia

Whether you’ve got a modest backyard, a grand garden or a large plot of land, every homeowner should have secure but beautiful fencing. Unfortunately, while some traditional fencing can be very cheap to buy, maintenance costs increase, and even the most beautiful wood panelling can erode or lose any of its colours over time. Not only does it mean that the aesthetic of your land can be undermined by unpleasant looking fencing, but the security of your home or land is at stake, too. It’s time for landowners to start fencing in Australia.

Landowners often turn to PVC fencing for this reason. Great quality plastic fencing does not have to look cheap and unpleasant, and advances in technology have rendered PVC fencing a highly durable and adaptable material. And with a little craftsmanship and artistry, it can look every bit as beautiful as traditional timber fencing without the difficulties that come with maintenance issues and weathering.
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Great Quality Plastic/PVC Fence Panels Used All Over Australia

We’ve been manufacturing and distributing some of the most durable and beautiful 100%Australian made fencing since 1999. For more than two decades, we’ve been at the cutting edge of plastic fencing systems and have seen our products go out to all kinds of customers, whether it has been private individuals, agriculture professionals, or property managers for events sites. In that time, we have earned a reputation for innovative PVC fence panel designs that are easy to install and maintain without sacrificing sustainability.

We have created some of the most revered brands of fencing in Australia, including Mystique and Bellbrae. We have designed the best PVC fence panels that have a beautiful aesthetic, along with a proven track record of durability. Whenever we design or manufacture PVC fencing supplies, we ensure that they meet a number of standards. These include:

  • A natural-looking vinyl fence finish.
  • Resistance to scratching and impact.
  • Resistance to graffiti and a hard-wearing paint finish will mean you will never need to paint it again.
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays which can fade lesser paintwork.
  • An easy installation process that anyone can pick up.
  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing process.
  • Adaptable to electric current for extra security.
  • Noise dampening capability.

All of these come in 10 different colours and, for added peace of mind, we include a limited lifetime warranty on all of our PVC fencing supplies products!

Best Polvin Fencing in Australia: Get Your Quote Today!

If you are not entirely sure about what it is you exactly need, and you need a little guidance when it comes to how you would like your fence to look, then why not take a look at our galleries? There you will see a huge array of different kinds of PVC fencing that have been used in a variety of applications. For example, we have residential fencing, horse fences, privacy fencing, annd more. You could also email or call us with a rough idea of what kind of thing you need, and we will be very happy to take you through some of our PVC fencing wholesale offers.

When you’ve got a clear idea of the measurements and requirements of your project, simply fill out our simple quote form with your details, and we will get right back to you with a competitive price for your PVC fencing wholesale so that you can start planning your project today!
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Custom PVC Fencing made in our Australian factory to suit your specified requirements.
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