How we can help you design the perfect PVC fence

How it all started

If you have ever called the Think Fencing office, then there is a good chance you and I have chatted about your fencing project… My name is Jess! I have been working at Think Fencing for just over 4 years helping customers with their new fencing designs and orders.

Before starting at Think Fencing, I was working at a small Fish & Chips shop in Geelong and had never really had a customer service job.

Then the opportunity came up to work for Think Fencing. When I met the small team at Think Fencing for the Job interview I was hooked on how passionate the team is for helping people design and deliver a seemingly mundane product. As a 21 year old girl whose passion is Makeup and Macedonian Dancing I didn’t even know the difference between one fence to another.

Our job is to assist you with creating your dream fence.

My Job cooking fish and chips and dealing with the public, in some way, was going to set me up for designing and selling PVC fences! It all seemed a little scary at first as I had no idea what PVC even was – I am now a self proclaimed PVC fencing expert!

With the memory still fresh in my mind as to how little I knew of fencing, especially PVC fencing, I feel I am the most qualified to explain how our fencing systems work, and how we can make it work for you. As you may know, the team at Think Fencing do not do cold calling, we don’t have sales targets, or get paid commissions. Our job is to assist you with creating your dream fence. I can help you with all of the tricky questions and designs, such as “Can my fence be built on a slope”, or “How big does my gate need to be to get a 21 foot Jayco through”.

I love being able to help you on the design journey of your new fence. Just check out our reviews on Facebook or Google!! I can’t always take all the credit as I work with an amazing team.

Jess in the Factory
Let me tell you about a typical Think Fencing journey…

Starting a PVC fencing project requires answers to a number of questions, but no more than you could expect from any other kind of project. With the right assistance and guidance, you will achieve the perfect fence you’ve always dreamed of.

Clearing the site and removing the existing fencing

Here are some tips and considerations on organising your fencing project.

Things you may consider:
  • Can you remove the fence yourself? A lot of contractors are happy to not only quote the install but the removal of existing fences as well.  
  • Is the fence line level or on a slope? The best way to figure this out is to hold a tight string line across your property and then measure the distance/gap underneath.
Information our sales team will need to know in order to quote your fencing project:
  • Which design would you like? Are you after the traditional picket fence look, a classy heritage style or a sleek modern look. Designs of our fencing can be found on our website or Product Catalogue.
  • How high would you like your fence? Is it to keep things in or to keep prying eyes out?
  • What colour fence would you like? We have 11 different colours to choose from. Starting with White and ending with our darkest colour Night Mist.
  • What are your measurements? This is where our sales team will require a very rough drawn sketch from you to assist us with quoting your fencing project accurately. It does not matter if the diagram is not perfect, we can’t all be Picasso!
  • Do you need any gates? We have a range of single, doubles & sliding gates to suit your opening requirements. Don’t want to get out of your car to open the gates? I know I don’t, that’s why we have Automation Systems for all sizes.
Can you install yourself?
  • Our PVC fencing is made to be a DIY system. Are you able to measure & install the fencing yourself. No? Have no fear, we are happy to recommend installers that have worked with our products and are able to assist.
  • Keep in mind any handyman or fencing contractor should have no troubles installing our fence.
Talking to a contractor

Things you may consider:

  • Can you remove the fence yourself? A lot of contractors are happy to not only quote the install but the removal of existing fences as well.  
  • Is the fence line level or on a slope? The best way to figure this out is to hold a tight string line across your property and then measure the distance/gap underneath.
Fencing Contractors

The most important thing to remember is that no questions are too silly. I’ve heard, and answered, them all.

Thanks for taking the time to have a read of how you can go about getting your perfect fence – hopefully we’ll be talking soon about making that fence a reality 🙂

Best Australian PVC Manufacturer?

Who we are

Founded in 1999, Think Fencing has quickly established itself as Australia’s most respected PVC and composite fence manufacturer. One key aspect of our company’s success that has helped cement its position, is that all products are manufactured in Australia by us. Which is not only good for the local economy, but has enabled us to develop our PVC Fencing products to withstand Australia’s harshest weather conditions!

Residential Fencing

We supply many products including:
PVC Picket Fencing for use in domestic applications, along with commercial fencing used in Cricket, AFL. In addition, other sporting grounds have used our PVC fencing including the Albany Cricket Ground. Our Picket Fencing’s pop-out railing system has been designed with player safety in mind that reduces the risk of player injury without compromising on the clean professional White Picket Fence look for the club and its patrons. All whilst being extremely low maintenance and durable.

Grey Mystique Privacy Fence

Horse Fencing

Our world class horse fencing systems have been the foundation upon which all other products have been created. Our Horse Fencing has been used by international horse studs and pony clubbers alike, from PVC dressage arenas, broadacre stud fencing and feature entrances. Our most popular horse fencing products are Equirail, Zappa Rail, and Timberline Post and Rail due to their horse safe construction and long life.
white zappa rail horse fence
Our Equirail and Zappa Rail Horse Fencing products can be used in conjunction with each other to create a strong fencing structure, attached to either timber or PVC fence posts. Post and Rail Horse Fencing products are used on larger properties not only used as a barrier but also a clean long-term option for a rural fencing environment. This PVC fencing can be fitted with a conducting wire and energiser to create an elegant electrified fence system.

Fencing Technology

Think Fencing has been consistently improving its operations; from developing leading-edge manufacturing techniques and equipment, through to expanding the business to accommodate for new production lines.

We take our commitment to Australian manufacturing seriously and will continue to push back against cheaper imported products in favor of our high quality Aussie PVC fencing products using the latest technology and equipment.

Factory Procedure
Horse race fence

Customer Service

Our pride lies mostly in the interaction between the business and the consumer, always putting the customer first. Throughout the sales process a dedicated customer service representative will be available for any queries before and after the purchase of your PVC fencing project. Also, as your PVC fence nears completion a team member from our fabrication department will help in making sure all aspects of your fence, be it a Picket Fence, Privacy screen or Horse fence are designed and fabricated to the correct dimensions.

Innovation and Technology

Through constant improvements in product manufacturing and sustainability, we are proud to have developed a world first in manufacturing decking using our own recycled PVC technology. And have been awarded a state government grant in 2020. The PVC decking will be in the final stages of development in early 2021. Our decking will consist of 95% recycled plastics derived from post and production PVC feedstock, including construction materials. By progressing into this sector we will expand our business significantly whilst providing more jobs for the local community. This technology and product range will also be addressing a significant environmental issue.
Picket fence

Our partners

We also work hard to help many leading-edge Australian companies develop their plastic products, leveraging our state of the art fencing technology. One example is Simtrack who are the world’s leading PVC racetrack running rail and starting gate manufacturer. We have worked hand in hand with Simtrack for almost a decade to develop and now manufacture their entire PVC running rail system under licence. Supplying such tracks as Flemington Race Club in Melbourne and ShaTin Raceclub in Hong Kong, along with over 100 metropolitan and regional racecourses.
Our products with simtrack - horse race

Our technology has also lent itself to working with a leading mechanical ventilation company ECO-DUCT to develop its range of Low Profile ducting. And are now the only company to not only to have achieved the accreditation of Best Environmental Practice PVC, but also adhere to the fire rating of UL181 and AS/NZ 1530.3

Innovation of further products and ways of thinking differently will always underpin the growth of Think Fencing. Our team is always changing the way Australia adopts new products. And I am proud to work for a company like that.

Picket fences fully customised

About the author

Brittany Roberts is one of our newest team members in the Sales and Administration team. Holding a Bachelor degree in Business, her playful exuberance is infectious with the sales team and customers alike. She enjoys the great outdoors and has a passion for interior design. She is also in the process of designing her very own “Tiny Home”.

Think Fencing and Jims

PVC fence installation

PVC fencing and Jims fencing

PVC fencing is quickly becoming the preferred solution for many fence savvy owners. The team at think fencing have developed a unique accreditation programme empowering all Jims fencing contractors to have the opportunity to undergo an accreditation.  The accreditation ensures correct installation procedures are met whilst allowing for our quality guarantee to be passed onto all PVC fence installation completed by Jims fencing.

Due to the fact that Think Fencing’s products are 100% Australian made and are available in an extensive range of colours and styles, it’s a smart choice for any home.

Bellbrae screening
PVC privacy screen
Shh.. Don’t tell anyone it’s plastic.

As standard Think Fencing offers a range of heritage and modern colours designed to complement any style of house. Think fencing uses technology enabling its fencing systems to be made with a woodgrain finish, making for a truly beautiful fence.

Thinking about the environment.

PVC fencing is fast gaining popularity due to its cost and low maintenance.  PVC is a polymer derived from 57% Natural sea salt. Consequently Think Fencing’s range of fencing is the only fencing range worldwide, that is made using certified Best Practice PVC.  With this being said it contains no harsh chemicals and its production adheres to strict environmental guidelines. Including using recycled material and being 100% Recyclable.


A PVC fence installed by Jim’s fencing comes with our quality guarantee. It will never need painting, it will never rot and is designed to last a lifetime.  

Lending to its simplistic design installation is very fast. All slots in the posts and rails are pre cut allowing for the fence to clip together once the posts have been concreted into the ground.

If any of the fence components are damaged they can be easily replaced.  On top of this, if they are vandalised by graffiti it can be easily removed using a warm soapy water solution.

Bellbrae screening
See what your new fence will look like

Choosing a new fence can be a daunting task, as there are so many styles and configurations to choose from.  The creative minds at think fencing have made this easier for you.  Multiple design options can be selected and adjusted through our fencing visualiser.  Once you have settled on a basic design you can upload an image of your house to see how they will look together.

Contact Jims fencing for a price.

For design inspiration on your new fence design log onto Think Fencing or contact your local Jims fencing installer on 131 546

The definitive guide to modern safe horse fencing

What’s the deal with horse fencing any way?
Why is it such a big deal?

All animals, including us, have what is referred to as a fight-or-flight response. This is a physiological response to a perceived harmful event or attack, or threat to survival.  This response is what makes choosing the right horse fencing so important to the safety of your horse.


Horses prefer to flee from danger (Flight), if possible. However, if flight is not an option, horses will fight to protect themselves from a perceived danger. Horses evolved from small mammals whose survival depended on their ability to flee from predators.

This basic survival mechanism is still ingrained in the modern horse. Although we have removed most of the predators from the life of the domestic horse, its first instinct when frightened is to run away from the perceived danger. Consequently when they are enclosed in a paddock and run away from this danger, there is often another real danger lurking at the other end of the paddock. The fence…

We as humans are responsible for the outcome of this evolutionary flight response. With this being said, we can minimise potential harm caused by this response and potentially fatal consequence. We can create a safe environment for our horses. And by safe environment, I am talking of a well maintained paddock with specifically designed horse safe fencing.

The below information discusses the different types of commonly used horse fencing systems worldwide.

Zappa Rail Horse Fencing


Combining the strength of wire with the safety and durability of Plastic.  Wire reinforced rail commonly known as Zappa Rail has been manufactured by Think Fencing since the early 2000s.  

Zappa Rail It is a purpose built horse fencing product used to create a horse safe fencing system. It is made out of two high tensile wires running along the top and bottom edge of the rail.

Encapsulating the wires is a High Density UV stabilised polymer.  This polymer not only coats the wires it also runs between the wires creating a sturdy structure. The rail has a very large surface area compared to wire. In the event of an impact the rail will absorb the load along the entire fence run.  Resulting in minimal damage to the horse compared to a wire or a solid timber fence.


The rail is generally electrified when installed as horse fencing, this has been made possible by incorporating a highly conductive polymer over moulded on top of the steel wire reinforcement.  A standard electric fence energiser is used to run a charge through the top of the rail. Consequently when a horse comes in contact with the fence it gets a shock.


This style of fencing rail can be adapted to Timber or Plastic Posts, The horse fencing rail is attached to these posts using an insulated bracket.  This bracket allows the rail to be tensioned along the fence run with an insul-strainer (as pictured). This system allows the rail to be fully strained and insulated with no specialised tools or equipment.  Not only safe, this product looks great and is easy to install. Watch installation video here.

Post and Wire


Post and wire is the traditional farm style of fencing you will see all over the world for enclosing all types of livestock. Not really designed as a Horse Fence, this style of fencing is typically made using treated pine or hardwood post of 100-120mm in diameter sitting 1200mm above ground. Depending on the livestock kept behind it it will have up to 12 wires.

The wires can be classified into three categories.  Low tensile, Medium tensile and High tensile. The wires range from 2.5 to 3.5mm in thickness.

Posts are commonly spaced from 6 to 12 meters apart. Plastic or timber intermediate droppers are used to separate the wires over the longer spans. Considering this style of fence is not traditionally designed to be used as a horse fence it may be all you have to work with, or your budget will allow. With this being said let’s explore the options available to make this style of fence a safer alternative.

Post and Wire Horse Fencing

Low tensile wire will often stretch before it breaks, consequently, when a horse strikes out or collides with a the fence the wire will give way rather than break and act like a cheese slicer on your horse, potentially causing significant injury. 

For more information fencing on wire


An ideal post spacing is 6m. Any further you will require droppers to hold the wires apart. Your top wire is recommended to be 200mm from the top of the post leaving room for a sighter strip such as Equirail.  


Equirail is a cost effective Horse safe Polymer Horse Fence rail that will provide additional safety and visibility when attached to a wire fencing system. The lowest wire should be no less than 500mm from the ground, as a horse rolling may get trapped in the lower wires. A wire horse fence of 1200mm above ground should not require any more than 4 wires and one run of Equirail.

Post and Electric Rope


Post and Electric Woven Mesh is a cost effective semi permanent horse fencing solution. For this reason its widely used as a temporary horse fence, coupled with the ability to be electrified its a cost effective alternative.


This type of horse fencing is traditionally made of UV stabilised nylon, woven into a strip of 20mm to 50mm flat or 8mm to 12mm round.  The centre of the mesh incorporates a copper or stainless steel conductor wire 0.2mm thick allowing the mesh or rope to be electrified by means of an electric fence energiser.

Cheeky horse pulling a post out

The mesh or rope can be attached to a range of posts using supplied insulated fittings that allow the product to be strained through the insulated section of the fitting and tied off at either end using specific tensioners.  


Many companies offer options to fit this type of horse fencing to all types of posts including steel star droppers. For temporary fencing they offer plastic moulded posts up-to 1300mm high with a steel spike at one end and a foot pad so you can push the post into the ground with your feet for temporary horse fencing applications.

PVC Post and Rail

PVC fencing 3 rail Horse Fencing 3 Rail post and rail

Combining the traditional elegance of timber post and rail without the maintenance and cost. PVC is the most widely used polymer in construction materials. This is part due to its durability and ability to withstand the outdoor elements, whilst minimising warping and degradation like many other polymers.

Unlike most consumer polymers, PVC is its actually derived from 57% Natural Sea Salt in the form of Chlorine. It does not bioaccumulate in the earth and can be recycled. Many PVC products made in Asia still use a lead stabilised polymer. Where possible when ordering make sure the company has best practice pvc accreditation.  Currently Think Fencing is the only company in the world who has this certification.


With this being said, not all PVC Horse fences were created equal. PVC has been used as a substitute for timber for over 30 years, the first companies to do this were PVC pipe manufacturers. They used the same material used to make down pipe to make PVC Horse fencing.

The issue here is that this type of PVC was never designed to withstand a horse kicking it or retain its structural integrity for decades.  Sadly many companies are still using old technology to manufacture this type of fencing.

PVC Post and rail being installed
Horse Fencing PVC Woodgrain Pine

30 Years ago timber was very cheap and PVC was considered an exotic material, therefore more expensive in comparison. Fast forward to 2018 we find ourself in a world wide timber shortage with a large portion of low grade timber ending up as fencing material.

Polymer technology has come a long way, companies such as Think Fencing are developing composites whereby two or more  polymers are combined to form an extremely strong, long lasting composite used to create their horse Fencing range.


Typically this type of horse fencing is made up of a hollow post of 127x127mm wide with a 5-8mm wall section.  The post has slots routed in it to allow rails to slide through the post. This gives the look of a traditional morticed timber fence.  

Think Fencing has developed technology to co-extrude a capping layer over the outside of the White PVC,  consequently a myriad of colours and textures can be built into the post and rail within a single process. Meaning it will not peel off, and is highly scratch resistant.


Think fencing has developed technology whereby a wood grain pattern and colour can be combined with the external composite layer to create a totally random finish that mimics timber, its not only beautiful its long lasting, requiring minimal maintenance compared to real timber. It is common for passers by to mistake this type of horse fencing as real timber.


For use as a horse fencing application this type of fencing provides excellent strength and good looks.

If a horse collides with the fence the rails will give way and release from the slot in the post. Minimising any potential damage to your horse. Electrification can also be added for additional safety.

Timber Post and Rail


Post and Rail fencing made from Timber is the classic rural ranch fence that has been used for centuries. This type of fencing provides excellent containment for your animals and depending on the quality of timber used it can last for Decades.   

Timber such as Forest RedGum, Cypress Pine, and Ironbark are commonly used to create a Horse Fence.  Whilst it’s a strong and durable fence, It can be one of the most expensive fencing systems. 

Horse Fence timber post and rail

As can be seen in traditional properties around the world, Post and Rail fencing looks good.  Generally speaking Timber post and rail fencing set the standard for horse safe fencing.

With Modern technologies and specifically created Horse Fencing systems it is now seen as a product used purely to add aesthetic value to your horse property rather than a horse safe fence.  In effect Timber post and rail fencing is not as safe as the other alternatives due to the fact that it offers no flexibility if a horse collides with the fence.

Mesh Fencing

Horse Fencing Mesh

Mesh fencing has been available for over 20 years in Australia and offers a good safe fencing system.  It is made up of wire from 1.5mm upto 5mm that is woven into a mesh pattern. Either Diamonds, Squares or rectangles.  The mesh is generally structured in a shape to prevent a horses hoof making its way through the mesh if it decides to collide with the fence.  

Available in rolls of up to 50m long or panels upto 3m long, it can be attached to wire that is tensioned up along the top and bottom of a standard fence, or fixed directly to posts and rails.  

For the most part this type of fencing is not designed for its aesthetic appeal, rather its designed to be a functional horse safe fence.  Whilst not being very visible in certain conditions, many property owners choose to install a polymer rail above the mesh panel fence to increase the visibility.

Safe and simple to use this type of fencing can be used as an add on to PVC post and rail fencing.  It can be installed on a wide variety of posts.

Many racecourses choose to adopt a system consisting of a top and bottom rail of PVC with coloured heavy duty mesh fitted in between the rails. Not only providing safety for horses, it prevents crowds or children from getting through the fence whist providing visibility through the fence. (as pictured)

Horse Fencing using Mesh and PVC post and rail

Equirail Horse Fencing


Equirail horse fencing is a newer addition to the range of horse fencing options available today.  It is based on the same concept as Zappa Rail or polymer composite tensioned rail.  However it does not have any wire built in the rail.  It relies solely on the polymer to provide strength.

Equirail attached to post and rail


The Equirail rail is strong enough to withstand a horse colliding with it and not break under a certain strain, with this being said it will minimise the risk of injury in the event of a collision.  Equirail is very easy to install and if often used as semi permanent fencing system. It is commonly used to enhance the safety and visibility of wire fencing or as a stand alone fencing system.

Equirail Horse Fencing


Equirail is tensioned using a permanently mounted tensioner, similar to a ratchet load binder. It is cranked up to the desired tension by hand. 

Equirail rail runs through brackets that are screwed onto the posts. Commonly available in black or white this horse fencing system is one of the most versatile cost effective systems available.

Watch installation video here.