Mystique Panel Fencing Overview

PVC Mystique Panel Fencing Made Easy

When you need to Think Privacy & Comfort, Think Fencing.

Beige PVC Fencing

With the natural look of timber, or in a variety of plain colours, Mystique provides privacy in a garden setting and an effective barrier from unwanted traffic & neighbor noise.

The versatility of Think Fencing products means that our fences have been proven to withstand the coldest parts of Tasmania to the wild and varying conditions of the Tropics of Far North Queensland, and everywhere in between.

Designed and built to last in all conditions, combining natural timber-look with plain colours, the Mystique Panel Vinyl privacy screen system provides you with amazing good looks and peace-of-mind.

And our fencing contractors agree:

Mystique paneling is set to revolutionise the way we build boundary fences in Australia.  Clean, simple and effective

John McGregor – Fencing Contractor

Vinyl privacy screen fencing has been designed to provide clean, uncluttered looks combined with brilliant functionality.

Simply, it is the perfect fence panel to provide absolute privacy – ideal for side fencing, feature walls, or as an acoustic barrier.

Delux PVC Fencing

Intelligent Design

We created special angular panels that clip together, with an air void in between the panel walls to reduce sound penetration. Independent testing proved that Mystique Paneling can significantly reduce the level of sound transferring through your fence.

Scratch resistance

The colours we use on our fencing products are not just a coating, they are a specific layer of Mechanically and Chemically bonded polymer that has been incorporated into the profile during manufacture. The result is colour that lasts a lifetime, and is scratch and scuff-resistant.

Creating an effective, good-looking privacy screen is easy

Our screens faithfully replicate traditional tongue and groove style fencing and can be made to suit your tastes of style, colour and size. They are safe, practical, and flame retardant – will not sustain combustion and are self extinguishing.

They reflect and deaden noise. They are scratch resistant.

They are long lasting – will not rot, corrode, peel, and are impervious to termites and attack from organic matter. They are enviro-friendly containing no heavy metal carcinogens or harmful chemicals.

White PVC Fencing

PVC Panel Fencing to Suit Your Style

Our Mystique Panel Fence Colour Range



Width Height
2390mm 1200mm
2390mm 1400mm
2390mm 1600mm
2390mm 1800mm
2390mm 2000mm
2390mm 2100mm

Other sizes available on request.


PVC fencing diy installation
PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing never paint
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly
PVC fencing graffiti resistant

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