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Any homeowner will tell you about the potential issues surrounding home maintenance. Fencing is often left out, but it’s very much a part of the stress. Your fence is often the first thing guests see, and it’s also the border that marks out and often protects your property. So, it’s often experiencing plenty of damage while on the job. Everything from dirt build-up to salt to bad weather to random mishaps to simple erosion over time will eventually have you cleaning, repairing, maintaining, or replacing your fencing altogether. That’s not just annoying and stressful; it can get expensive, too.

In response, we wanted to design fencing that brings all the same visual appeal with none of the fragility. That’s how Think Fencing has perfected its picket fence panels to last up to 50 years with far less maintenance and damage therein. Our fences don’t fade the way timber or Colourbond does. Our picket fence panels are also easy to install yourself and require no special tools to do so. If you’re worried about problems with accommodating a gradient or a slope in your property, that’s no problem either! We happily work with you to adjust your fencing to your exact specifications. Every aspect of our fencing is designed to take the guesswork away and create low maintenance, long-lasting product that looks just as good in years to come because fencing should really be that simple. From small white picket fence panels to large picket fence panels. Read More

What Are They Made Of?

Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), uses the best PVC and other proprietary polymers for its fencing. PVC and Vinyl have been used in construction for decades now, and we chose the material for all the work it saves property owners. Here are some benefits to PVC that other fencing materials such as timber or Colourbond simply do not have:

  • PVC works extremely well in both high- and low- temperature environments. It will often be used in primary and drainage water lines within homes, where it will be under constant pressure. In other words, varying temperatures, pressures and loads due to weather and the external environment won’t affect the integrity of your fence.
  • And speaking of weather, PVC and our high tech polymers have been designed to be highly resistant to weathering. The spectrum of light coming from the sun often degrade the paint or coatings on lower quality fencing made of other materials, but PVC composite remains largely unaffected where other products will start to fail. At Think Fencing, our picket fences uses a special procedure to blend pigments with UV-resistant engineering-grade polymers; that means that our fencing will maintain its lustre after years of Australian sun or rain.
  • That same pigment incorporation means that your fence from us has more than a simple outer paint job. The colour is permanent and is very resistant to scratching or fading. Your white picket fence panels will be white many years after you first bought and installed them.
  • Every fence needs the occasional cleaning, but our white picket fence panels makes it easy for you. Even a significant build-up of mud, mould or other dirt comes right off with a quick pressure wash, or soapy broom which also won’t damage your fence.
  • Ever heard of termites infesting PVC? That’s because it doesn’t happen! PVC is an impenetrable polymer, which makes it unappealing for termites or ants, unlike timber.
  • PVC is also extremely easy to work with. It can be cut and routed without specific skills or specialized tools, and it can be modified on site easily. If you need to make a custom small white picket fence panel, no material will make that job easier than our PVC panels.

Start Putting Together Your Perfect Fence Now. From Small White Picket Fence Panels to Large

If you want to purchase a beautiful fence and not have to worry about it for years, this is the perfect choice for you. If you have any enquiries or would like guidance in installing your new fence, please find out details under “Contact Us.”

We can supply anywhere in the country. From picket fencing in Sydney to picket fencing in Brisbane. Read Less



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