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Transform Your Property with Horizontal Slat Fence Panels!

Horizontal slat fencing is a popular choice for both urban and rural residents in Australia. Not only does it provide a fresh, contemporary aesthetic, this type of fencing also has practical benefits for your property and any animals such as dogs or horses.

Depending on the number of slats that you choose, horizontal fencing allows you to create a semi-private haven that still allows fresh air to flow through. The lack of solid fencing provides you and your family with a cool and ventilated outdoor space where you can work, socialise, or simply unwind.
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A horizontal slat fence makes your property look longer and larger as it draws the eye towards the bottom of the space. Horizontal slat fences also makes it easier to follow the curves of your land as there are fewer points in contact with the ground, creating a smoother appearance.

Leading Horizontal Slat Fencing: What Makes Our Fencing Different?

One of the main benefits of choosing our fencing is that we provide products that offer the natural beauty of wooden fencing alongside the durability of plastic panels. This fantastic blend gives your land a modern, sophisticated appearance and requires little to no maintenance.

Gone are the days of spending hours repairing, treating, and painting your fencing. Our panels cannot be scuffed or scratched, never succumb to weathering and are immune to pest insects such as termites. This durability has been proven as tests have shown our products to last an impressive 50 years with minimal maintenance.

We understand the cost that can come with installing new horizontal slat fence panels, So we have designed our products with easy installation. This means that you can install yourself by following our step-by-step instructions and not have to spend extra on costly installation charges. If you need assistance, however, we can provide you with the details of our recommended installers in your area. We also supply slatted screen fencing on our online store.

Buy Fence Slats Online From Think Fencing?

We are one of the best-rated fencing companies in the country and have over two decades of experience in the industry. This knowledge and experience enable us to deliver high-quality fencing and fantastic customer service to each and every customer. Come to us with a want, a need or simply an idea and we can make it a reality. Our wide selection of products coupled with you dedicated design engineers enables us to provide you with fencing that caters to your exact requirements.

All of our products are environmentally friendly and have been designed and made right here in Australia. Manufacturing our fencing locally ensures that they are built to withstand the ever-changing Australian climate, an essential aspect for any fencing.

Of all the places to buy fence slats online, few can compare to us here at Think Fencing, leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia. Providing you with a wide selection of heights, styles and colours; you are sure to find what you are searching for in our collections. Whether you are looking for security, containment or beauty; we have you covered.

Browse Our Horizontal Slat Fencing Collections Online Today!

The time to buy is now. Browse our collections today or get in touch to speak with our friendly team about the best-suited fencing for your needs. If our online fence slats is not what your looking for, our online store provides other supplies such as residential fencing, 4 rail horse fencing, fence with top rail, and more. So come check us out.
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Horizontal Slat Fencing to Suit Your Style

Our Horizontal Slat Fence Colour Range



Width Height
2390mm 900mm
2390mm 1200mm
2390mm 1400mm
2390mm 1600mm
2390mm 1800mm


PVC fencing diy installation
PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing never paint
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly
PVC fencing graffiti resistant

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