Installation is simple and fast thanks to our Equi-tensioner tensioning system. The Equi-tensioner bolts onto the straining post permanently and the rail slides onto it. This lets the rail rotate around its spool,.

You can also slacken off and re-tension the Equi-tensioner anytime.

Specially designed brackets let you attach EquiRail to timber, steel, and our own Timberline Posts. The brackets also allow you to contour the rail to the natural undulations in your land.


Equirail attaches to your post of choice with a one piece bracket system that allows the Equirail to easily slide through the bracket. So any impact is absorbed along the entire fence run.


The Equi-tensioner is a simple device permanently fixed to your post, the Equirail slides into a central slot and is cranked up by hand to the desired tension.

Because Equirail does not have wire built into it, you don’t need a heavy end assembly.

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