Picket Fencing Overview

PVC Picket Fencing Made Easy

Beautiful. Simple. Practical. This is the future of domestic fencing.

At Think Fencing we can help you choose a pvc picket fencing design which is right for your home. We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship with all our picket and garden fences. With over 15 years in the fencing industry we’re convinced PVC fencing prices for our picket fence range is competitive in today’s market.

All Think Fencing’s feature posts for a picket fence are set 600mm into the ground ensuring rigidity and strength. Made from super durable high tech composites, our picket fences retain their good looks year in, year out without the need to paint. Our feature posts have deep mortices for both rails and plinth boards which not only enhance the look of your fence but protect its life. Think Fencing’s unique design means our picket fences look just as good from the front or back.

Whether the style of your home is a traditional Edwardian, Federation, Victorian, Californian Bungalow or an ultra Modern design we have the perfect picket fence that is in keeping with the style and period of your home. We offer a wide range of picket fencing styles, colours and sizes. Our standard feature post are 2400mm wide and our fence pickets are available in several heights including 900mm pickets, 1200mm pickets, 1600mm pickets and 1800mm pickets.

No nails or screws required! Think Fencing’s picket fence installation is made simple with our special interlocking tabs that join the rail to the posts, so there is no need for specialised tools or fixing parts – consequently maintenance is minimal for the life of your picket fence.

Picket Fencing to Suit Your Style

Our Picket Fence Colour Range


Size Width Height
Small 2400mm 900mm
Medium 2400mm 1200mm
Large 2400mm 1600mm
Very Large 2400mm 1800mm


PVC fencing diy installation
PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing never paint
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly
PVC fencing graffiti resistant

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