Mystique Panel Fencing Gates

PVC Mystique Panel Fencing Gates Made Easy

When you need to Think sleek elegance with the ultimate privacy, Think Fencing.

Mystique PVC fencing gates can be made using the same materials as your composite fence, or you can use a mix of complimentary colours & styles to make your own design statement.

PVC gates are manufactured using a steel subframe and depending on the size of the gate, may incorporate steel in the cross brace also. Composite gates use the same vinyl profiles as your fencing, meaning your gate can seamlessly blend into your fence.

Hinged gates can be made from 0.5m wide to 2.4m wide and can be configured as either a single gate or a double gate. Single gates can be hinged on either side of the gate giving you flexibility during installation. You can also choose between using a latch or a drop bolt to hold your gate in place. Or a combination of both. The hinges can be adjusted to hold the gate open or can be set to swing the gate closed and latched when it is released.

All hinges and latches are manufactured in Australia and are built as tough as your fence and gates.

PVC sliding gates can be made from 0.5m to 6.0m long. All sliding gates are made using the same profiles as your fence and are built around a steel subframe.

Wheels for sliding gates are pre fitted and tracking is supplied with the gate. A latch can be fitted to sliding gates or an automatic electric gate opener can be easily fitted to the base of the gate.

Support posts and wheels are also provided with sliding gates to ensure that the gate is solid when either open or closed.

In fact, we have spent years developing the perfect gate for your fence…so that you can’t see it!

Another way in which Think Fencing are thinking about every aspect of your fence.

Our Mystique Panel Fence Gate to Suit Your Style

Our Mystique Panel Fence Gate Colour Range



Single Gates
900mm 1500mm
1200mm 2350mm
Double Gates
2400mm (2 x 1200mm) 4000mm (2 x 2000mm)
3000mm (2 x 1500mm) 4700mm (2 x 2350mm)
Sliding Gates
3.0m or less 4.6m – 5.0m
3.1m – 3.5m 5.1m – 5.5m
3.6m – 4.0m 5.6m – 6.0m
4.1m – 4.5m


PVC fencing diy installation
PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing never paint
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly
PVC fencing graffiti resistant

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