Residential Fencing Adelaide

Residential Fencing in Adelaide and Beyond

Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), is a fencing expert based in Victoria, but we ship anywhere in Australia. For over 20 years, we’ve supplied Adelaide residents with the best Adelaide residential fencing so durable it still stands. Our products come with a lifetime warranty because we’ve developed them specifically for the Australian weather. From picket fences to privacy screens, we have your back. No matter what style your house is, what you want your fence to do, or what colour you’re interested in getting, we have exactly what you need.
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The Benefits of Our Products

A good fence is an excellent tool, so it’s important to make the right choice. Buying a fence from Think Fencing will save you from:

  • Repairing your fence regularly
  • Replacing your fence after a few years
  • Repainting your fence
  • Removing graffiti from the fence
  • Wasting time and money on maintaining and replacing your fence

Vinyl Fences

Our fences are made from PVC vinyl, which is why they’re so much easier to maintain than wooden fencing. Vinyl fences might be more expensive, but you’ll be saving money in the long run as they don’t need to be replaced or maintained. A vinyl fence doesn’t rot or splinter and require frequent repairs. It doesn’t stain, even with graffiti, and the colour never fades, so it never needs repainting. The fence is even scratch resistant and will stay looking its best for much longer than wood. A wooden fence may live up to 10-20 years at most, but our vinyl fences come with a lifetime warranty. That means you’ll never need to replace it.

Choosing Your Fence

A fence isn’t a one size fits all, which is why there are so many options on the market. A fence can fulfil many functions and look a lot of different ways, so there are many things to consider when picking one. These include:

  • The purpose it’s meant to serve
  • What it needs to keep in and what it needs to keep out
  • How do you want it to look
  • What would match the house
  • The weather will need to survive
  • How much privacy do you want it to give you

At Think Fencing, our range is wide. We’re guaranteed to have something to match your needs and taste, and our customer service team is always on hand to make suggestions and help you choose.

Our Fencing Options

We have an extensive product range that isn’t limited to residential fencing. We also work with rural properties, horse owners and commercial projects like sporting grounds. When it comes to residential fences, we have things to fit every neighbourhood, need and style. This includes picket fences, privacy screens and semi-private horizontal slat fences. Within these broader categories are different styles as well, and a long list of colour options. This ensures that you’ll be able to find something that suits you and your property.


We make the process of getting a fence easy. Once you’ve found something on our website you like, all you have to do is request a quote and we’ll get back to you. You then design your perfect fence and it’s shipped out to you wherever you are in the country. You can install it yourself if you want because it’s just that easy, or we can recommend a contractor near you. And that’s it! Once your fence is up, you don’t need to maintain, repair or repaint it. If you’re looking for residential fencing in Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, choose Think Fencing. If residential fences in Adelaide is not what your looking for, our online store provides other supplies such as fencing components and a wide variety of horse fencing selection. So come check us out.
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