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There’s never been a better time to shop if you’re environmentally conscious. People are now trying to account for climate change, pollution, and imperishable rubbish by creating sustainable alternatives, reducing emissions, and, of course, recycling. We’ve seen some of the worst effects of changing weather right here in Australia in recent years. People are savvy to try and be green, and businesses are just as savvy to seize the opportunity and provide that new demand. We at Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), aren’t just business savvy; we care about Australia and its health. We care about ease and peace of mind for our customers, supporting local businesses for the economy, and recycling and reusing for the environment. So, you can trust us when we offer our greener customers our recycled fencing.

The whole process of buying from us couldn’t be simpler, from start to finish. First, you can explore our various fence styles and many available colours using our “Range” pages under various sections. If you’d like to know about our materials and techniques, each kind of fencing has a description and a section for gate installation. After you’ve seen what we have to offer, you can use our Fence Builder to see which combination of design and colour suits your tastes the most. You can also check if we’re in your price range with the same feature, which automatically calculates a price based on your specified fence length. Then, simply order your desired materials for shipping; don’t worry, we freight all over Australia! And finally, once your materials arrive, we’re happy to help you in a variety of ways as you measure, install, and check your fence. Our recycled fencing are simple and straightforward; the process of getting one should be too. Read More

Leading Supplier of Recylced Plastic Fence Posts Australia: Conscientious and Green

How exactly are our fences part of recycling? Well, our PVC fencing is 100% recyclable, as PVC is non-toxic, durable, and applicable in dozens of industries and uses. The plastics in the composite are also often recycled, so our recycled plastic fence posts Australia is sustainable and not just reusable, but already reused.

We also look to reduce our impact on forests as much as we can this way. By using mostly PVC and recycled composites, we ensure that timber is not excessively sourced for fencing. PVC and our composites both last far longer than traditional wooden fences. They require no repainting and almost no maintenance and are not going to need replacing nearly as quickly as timber. In this way, we make sure we provide you with quality and authenticity without sacrificing any of our beautiful country for it.

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We’ve spent many years considering how to best serve our customers. Which materials do we use? What services do we offer? How can we make our fences safe and resilient? If you’d like to know something about our practices that is not on the website, we’re happy to answer all enquiries by form, email, or call. If you’d like to call or email us, you can reach us by dialling 03 5259 2555 or emailing sales@thinkfencing.com.au.

We also supply compound fencing and horse fence wire on our online store so come check us out. Read Less



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