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Trying to Find a Top Quality 3 Rail PVC Fence?

For businesses or individuals who work with and manage livestock and land, good quality fencing is a big investment. We want your property to look elegant and fresh, but keeping timber fencing maintained enough to do so can be expensive. Wood rots, paint fades, and posts can split when there is harsh weather, so often, the cost of replacing fences can become an expensive burden.
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However, recent years have brought great innovation for plastic fencing, and our 3 rail PVC fence is the perfect example of class and style without the problems of timber. We recognise the need for property managers and stable masters to keep up a certain appearance, but we also want them to see that plastic need not be cheap looking. When you buy from Think Fencing, you buy solid, durable products that retain the elegance you need to keep your land looking fresh and your property secure and safe.

Best 3 Rail PVC Fence: Designs That Last

For over 20 years, we’ve been the foremost manufacturer of PVC fences. We’ve made a name for ourselves as creators and distributors of 100% Australian fencing systems that last, with products that require little maintenance, little work to install and little impact on the environment. Whatever your needs regarding fencing, whether it is residential, equine or agricultural, we’ve got just a solution for you, and our PVC fencing will save money on maintenance and repainting.

At Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), we hold ourselves to certain standards when it comes to the production of fences. Among the many features and benefits of our 3 rail PVC fences, we include:

  • Natural-looking finishes that realistically emulate timber.
  • Resistance to scratching, impact and UV damage can destroy paintwork and undermine the integrity of wooden fencing.
  • Easy to install.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • Resistant to graffiti.
  • Environmentally-friendly production methods.

Our 3 rail fences, like all our products, come with a lifetime guarantee, and, because of how they are produced, you can be sure that they are the lowest maintenance option you can choose from. Whether it is for a paddock, a riding area, or a piece of land that you want to beautify, these gorgeous fences are guaranteed to keep their shine and sparkle long into the future! We also supply beautiful white picket fences as well as some horizontal privacy screen on our online store as well.

Installing 3 Rail Vinyl Fencing: Ask for Your Quote Today!

Whatever you need your fencing for, whether it is for a large paddock or field, somewhere for your horses to graze or space for riding, we will have the right product for you. Take a look through some of our galleries for inspiration, and there you will see all kinds of horse fencing with all kinds of finishes and applications. If you want further clarification or ideas, just give us a call or an email now. We are in the office Mondays to Fridays from 9 to 5 and are always happy to guide our customers through our products and offer suggestions.

Get in contact today, and we’ll get you in contact with a PVC fence installer close to you. We can also offer you guidance on what fencing will suit your project best.

Or you can ask for a quote right now by filling in our online quote form with a few details about you and your project. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with the most competitive quote available and advice on how you can best use our fencing to complete your vision! Try it out now!
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Rail fences to suit your needs

Our Post & Rail Fence Colour Range



Width Height
2400mm 1400mm

Other sizes available upon request


PVC fencing diy installation
PVC fencing lifetime warranty
PVC fencing never paint
Australian made PVC fencing
PVC fencing eco friendly
PVC fencing graffiti resistant

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