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The Easiest, Longest Lasting Picket Fence You Can Buy in Brisbane

If you’re passionate about having a presentable home or property, then a little hard work won’t phase you. Still, we can make the job much easier for you at no expense or sacrifice, leaving you with less time and money spent on fencing or other concerns. Don’t let initial costs fool you: A timber or Colourbond fence might cost less upfront, but the subsequent repainting, replacing, corrosion, and treating for insects and other pests will eventually add up, not to mention eat away at your time and peace of mind.
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Part of our mission at Think Fencing is to make it easy for you not to have to think about your fencing much at all after it’s in place. Our picket fence in Brisbane are durable, scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, immune to insects, and guaranteed to look good for decades. It won’t just protect your home; it will frame it beautifully in any style you like, with a range of colours to choose from. Are you looking for a more classic style picket fence in Brisbane to match your Victorian home? Is yours a more modern design that calls for a sleek, richly coloured fence? Whatever your needs are, Think Fencing has you covered from design to purchase to installation.

Best Picket Fences in Brisbane: Easy Setup

If you’ve had to search for fencing before, you’ll know it’s not just buying the right materials and putting them in place. It’s a matter of finding the cheapest effective way to install it. It’s long hours spent searching for a professional who can securely install your fence at an affordable rate. At best, it’s a few sweaty weekends spent in the sun with the panels, some concrete, and hundreds of nails or screws. Altogether, it can be an everyday sort of nightmare.

At Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), we decided to erase that problem for you whether you’re the DIY sort or the type to hire out the work. Our fencing locks together with a system of tabs and rails. It’s straightforward, highly intuitive, and doesn’t require any screws or nails throughout the process. We also know how tricky installation can be with the ground being uneven or there being underground obstacles. That’s why we use PVC, which is lightweight and easy to cut and reshape. If you find yourself needing shorter panels suddenly, it won’t be a problem. We supply a crimping tool for each job giving you even greater scope to customise your fence.

Meanwhile, if you’re more comfortable hiring a contractor to set up and install your fence, we welcome you to try our “Find an Installer” service! Simply enter your details and your postcode, and we can locate the nearest professional to you who can help. Often, we can even recommend reliable contractors who have worked with our fencing before, so you’re not taking any chances on quality of service. We also supply other fencing products including products for rural fencing and horse fencing.

Picket Fence Supplies in Brisbane: Proudly Local

If you’re interested in supporting Australian business, Think Fencing is also the perfect choice for you. We don’t just supply Australian households; all our raw materials are locally sourced, so much so that we’re award-winning in the field of being Australian made.

Happy to Serve You

If you’d like to begin finding your perfect picket fence in Brisbane, feel free to get in touch or use our Fence Builder service by clicking above. If you’d like to call us, you can reach us at 03 5259 2555. We can also supply picket fence in Sydney.
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Picket Fencing to Suit Your Style


Our Picket Fence Colour Range



Width Height
2390mm 900mm
2390mm 1200mm
2390mm 1400mm
2390mm 1600mm
2390mm 1800mm


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