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Mystique Fence with Lattice Specifications

Mystique Privacy Screen Fence with Lattice

  • Price based on 2.39m panels. 
  • Panel height measured from ground to top of post (excluding cap). 
  • One post and post cap included with each panel. 
  • Additional post required at the end of each fence run or where gate is required. 
  • Top Rail Height: 73mm below post (including cap). 
  • 50mm gap between ground and bottom of plinth rail. 
  • Colour panels have a steel insert in top rail. 
  • Custom designs, heights and colours available on request. 
Lattice Section: 
  • 323mm High – Top of Rail (excluding cap) to top of Mid Rail. 
  • 17 pickets at a 45mm spacing. 
  • Included within the height of the fence – not on top. 
  • Example: 1.8m high fence will be solid to 1.5m and Lattice 1.5-1.8m. 
  • 76mm x 22mm Picket available in White and Colour. 
  • 38mm x 38mm Picket available in White only. 
Each panel includes: 
  • 1 x Post and Post Cap (127mm x 127mm). 
  • 1 x Plinth Rail (150mm x 50mm). 
  • 1 x Steel Insert for Plinth Rail. 
  • 1 x Top Rail (88mm x 51mm). 
  • 1 x Steel Insert for Top Rail – colour only. 
  • 1 x Mid Rail (88mm x 51mm). 
  • 15 x Mystique Panelling (220mm x 22mm). 
  • 2 x Top and Bottom Pollock Channel at 2290mm. 
  • 2 x Side Pollock Channel, 670mm less than post height (excluding cap). 
  • 25mm Tek Screws to connect Pollock Channel to Top and Bottom Rails. 
  • 65mm Tek Screws to connect Rails to Posts. 

This fence design can be used up to the height of 2.1m.