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Great Quality Horse Running Rails for Your Track

Building a well-designed race track is an exciting project. Whether it is creating an interesting and comfortable spectator area or designing a well-constructed starting gate, seeing your vision come together is something that not everyone gets to experience. There are, however, some elements of building a horse racing track that often get overlooked. One of these is arguably one of the most important features, and that is the horse running rail and crowd control fencing itself.

This feature is what fundamentally holds the racetrack together, delineating where the race takes place, keeping horses on the track and the jockeys aware of where they must be positioned. Should anything go wrong, they must be able to break away when impacted by a horse in certain situations or take the weight and impact of the horse to protect the crowd. They must also be durable enough to withstand all kinds of weather and avoid UV degradation, mould, and other destructive elements that can sometimes come with the position they have. Read More

A Diverse Range of Horse Race Track Railings

At Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), we’ve become one of the most trusted fencing brands in Australia over the past two decades. We’ve worked not just with the equine and Thoroughbred racing industries but with all kinds of clients, from residential to agricultural. This means that we have a responsibility to create clever and innovative designs that can put up with the harshest weather and heavy use. Not only are our beautiful fences well-made, but we also uphold the ethics of environmentalism and sustainable manufacture. We are the only fencing manufacturer in Australia that is Best Practive PVC accredited. We also supply other horse fencing products including 3 rail horse fence.

We offer a number of different styles of horse race track fencing, all of which are made to be the toughest and most resilient on the market. The styles we feature include:

  • Pharlap. A powder-coated mesh that is there to protect the crowd whilst maintaining visibility on the track. Built with materials like reinforced steel and UV stabilised PVC, there are also options for reinforcing the top will and attachments that can be used on concrete.
  • Caviar. This is a classic style of picket fencing used to keep the crowds back from the course. While it doesn’t offer the same visibility as the pharlap, it has a higher top rail which can prevent children from climbing over the fence and gives your racecourse a grand and impressive aesthetic.
  • Simtrack. This horse running rail system is the most advanced on the market, designed by The Sims Family leaning on 3 generations of knowledge and experience within the industry. With help from the team at Think Fencing Simtrack has not become a world leader in this space. Installing this system at prestigious clubs such as the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Flemington Race Club

Best Horse Race Track Railing System: Get in Touch for a Competitive Price Today!

We’ve been privileged to have had many of our products installed by many equestrian property managers all over the country. If you want to join their ranks, you might want to take a look at our gallery for inspiration. There you’ll see just how gorgeous our durable horse race track railings look on racecourses, and you will be sure to find something to suit your needs. If not, or if you just want to have a bit more understanding of our offer, give us a call now or send us an email with the details of your project, and we’ll be very happy to guide you through our range which includes PVC horse fencing.

You can also request a quote from us today by filling out our online form on our product pages with a few details about you, where you are, and what kind of fence you would like. We’ll get back to you straight away with a competitive price that you will find difficult to turn down! Read Less



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