3 Rail Horse Fence

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Keeping horses can be an expensive business. In addition to vet bills, feed and grooming, there is, of course, the costs of land and land management. One of the big unknowns when it comes to land management is maintenance. The weather has its effects on the soil, the pasture and, as does the horse itself, and there is little we can do about it. What we can control, though, is how much maintenance we need to do their fencing.

It’s for This reason that we offer our most popular 3 rail horse fences in a variety of colours that are built to last. About 30 years ago Timber and wire were considered the norm. However, significant technological advancements in polymer and PVC technology that Think Fencing has exploited, has now pushed PVC fencing ahead of more traditional products. Read More

Three Rail Horse Fence: Highly Durable Fencing Solutions

At Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), we’ve gone on to become one of the most trusted and reputable manufacturers of fencing in the country and internationally alike. Using environmentally friendly and innovative methods of production, our mission has been to meet the requirements of the equine industry, agriculture, and residential clients with durable, dependable fencing. We are passionate about customer service and passionate about making your land look beautiful with classic and modern designs that are built to last.

Of the many considerations, we make when creating our designs, high up on the list is the look and durability of your fence. No one likes to look at cheap, tacky plastic fences. Timber is and always will be a classic fencing solution, and we have worked hard to emulate the wood finish in our PVC 3 rail horse fences. We have a vast range of different finishes for you to consider, each of which has been expertly rendered to elegantly frame your paddock or pasture without undermining its security.

Furthermore, our designs are meant to last. We’ve made them resistant to:

  • Scratches and bumps from your horse or stirrups
  • High impacts caused by misuse or abuse
  • Graffiti and stains
  • Ultraviolet and Near Infrared radiation that would otherwise fade or undermine paint coatings.

Maintenance on these fences is incredibly low, and we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our products, so you will minimise the costs associated with keeping your horse – and your land – safe and secure. We also supply other fencing products including horse running rail.

Installing a Three Rail Horse Fence? Get in Touch Today for An Amazing Price!

Horse owners, stud managers and equestrian property owners from all over the country have used our products, and they have very kindly shared pictures of our fences after they have been installed. If you want to get a better idea of how your horse rail fence will look when you have installed it, take a look at our galleries for inspiration. You can also get some expert advice from our advisors by calling us now or sending us an email with the details of your project, and we will happily get back to you with some suggestions and ideas.

You can get an idea of the price right now by filling out a few details on the product page, citing your personal details and a description of the fence you need. We’ll get back to you quickly with some information about the fence and the most competitive price we can offer – one that you will find very hard to resist! Read Less



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