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“We create Beautiful, safe and strong fences that last a lifetime.  That’s always been our goal”

Jack Fitzgerald – Founder and Managing Director.

“We create Beautiful, safe and strong fences that last a lifetime.
That’s always been our goal”

Jack Fitzgerald – Founder and Managing Director.

Compound Fencing Australia

The Thoroughbred of PVC Fences and Composite Fences

At Think Fencing, we understand the value of authenticity. For some of us, real wood is the only proper option for a respectable fence. It’s hard to perfectly replicate, sturdier than most vinyl, and it’s been reliable and attractive for centuries now. Why tinker with a working formula, right? Well, in the long run, the costs of a timber fence will only build up. You have to watch out for rot, water damage, sunlight damage, termites, ants, and so on. By choosing timber, you’re not just putting up a fence; you are committing to caring for it regularly for years. If that doesn’t appeal to you, however, there’s an affordable alternative that saves you all that hassle while still looking just as natural as you could want.
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Compound Fencing: Real Wood Without Real Problems

Think Fencing’s composite fencing is made of recycled composite wood and polymers to give you a low maintenance material that outlasts pure timber. The layering allows pigments to be deeply blended into each panel, making sure you have the colour you chose for decades without damage. We have designed our panels to also be easy to install and highly friendly to DIY homeowners. And our Fence Builder service allows you to try out any combination of available styles and colours you like before purchasing, even giving you an accurate estimate of how much it will cost based on length. In other words, we make the before, during, and after of installing a fence easier for our customers. If you want to put up a beautiful fence and have the freedom to then forget about it, you’ve found a company that can do that for you.

Best Composite Fencing in Australia: Tasteful for Every Kind of Property

If you’re looking for composite fencing, there’s a high chance you’re not just looking for solid; you want something elegant and eye-catching. You want people to stop and admire your home for a little bit when they walk by. ultimately making your neighbours jealous.

Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), doesn’t prioritize durability over style; why would we when we can manage both seamlessly? That’s why you’ll find styles for every kind of house on our site. Is yours a modest and traditional home that wants an equally classic border? Consider trying a Jabiru or Kestrel fence with a nice white or oak pigment. Are you looking for fewer edges and more curves, with a more vibrant and natural look? You might appreciate the Toucan or Kookaburra fence, and Red Gum or Beige would perfectly blend your fence with surrounding natural colours. If yours is a modern home with sleek lines and darker shades, you’ll love the Wren, Rosella, and Bellbrae designs in shades like Night Mist or Grey Ridge.

We’re professionals too, so we’re fully open to creating custom fencing in a style of your choice that is not on our website. If you don’t see something that fits your property on our site, simply give us a call or an email to discuss your ideas!

Get Your Ideal Composite Fence Right Now

As far as fencing goes, it doesn’t get any more stress-free than this. If you’d like to begin browsing, try out our Fence Builder by clicking on the above tab. If you have enquiries, we’re happy to take them using the form under “Contact Us.” If you’d like to call us, please dial 03 5259 2555.

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