Composite Fencing

Our Composite Wood Fence Panels Blend Authenticity and Cutting-Edge Durability

We at Think Fencing happily promote our PVC and Timberline fencing as the finest option for those who want to install a fence and not have to ever think about that fence again. It’s resistant to scratches, weather, heat, flame, electricity, water, and pests, and the colour does not fade the way it does in other materials. It’s also lightweight and easy to cut, making it ideal for DIY. All in all, our composite fencing does not disappoint on any metric…

If you want genuine wooden fencing that also has the durability of our PVC designs, our Think Fencing (leading PVC fencing suppliers in Australia), composite timber fence/composite wood fence panels is the perfect middle ground. You’ll have an authentic and natural aesthetic to your home’s exterior while still needing only minimal maintenance if any at all. That makes our composite fencing ideal for the busy homeowner with a passion for design or presentation. Do you have a beautiful garden that needs the perfect framing? Are you proud of your new home and need to find the right fencing long-term? Are you interested in minimizing maintenance costs without minimizing elegance? Think Fencing has you covered on all three fronts and more. Read More

Composite Timber Fence Panels: Sustainable and Real

Our composite fence panels incorporate a real recycled wood pattern, which is totally random so no two lengths look the same. It loses none of its natural appearances, but unlike a fully wooden fence, it’s resistant to decay and termites and does not suffer paint erosion nearly as quickly. Often, a composite fence panels has a hardier and more solid appearance than a timber fence, and its versatility makes it ideal for houses from nearly any period or style. If you’d like to find out more about our composite panelling, we welcome you to get in touch!

We also make sure that the polymers used in the composite incorporate a percentage of recycled material and our PVC is fully recyclable and eco-friendly as well. Think Fencing cares about being good to the earth so future generations can enjoy the beauty that we live in for years to come.—that means not only the land and environment. This includes the people and the economy. So, on top of sourcing our raw materials locally, we also build to reuse and repurpose whenever possible. If you’re passionate about Australian sustainability, we’re a great option for traditional materials

Leading Composite Fencing in Australia: Flexible and Customisable

We offer a range of fence styles and colours at Think Fencing. But sometimes customers have their own creative tastes and inspirations, and they want something beyond the standard styles. They want an unconventional or unusual design that makes their home uniquely theirs. They’re interested in making their fence part of their self-expression. We’re interested in serving these customers too, so we proudly work with proposed designs and create fences in other styles for customers that request them. If you’d like a fence in a style that is not on our website, we invite you to contact us and see if we can help.

Need Composite Fence Panels? No More Stress Over It


With Think Fencing, it’s as simple as choosing your style and colour, ordering your panels, easily installing them, and then moving on with your life. If you have any concerns or enquiries, we welcome your call at 03 5259 2555. You can also reach out using our Enquiry form under “Contact Us.”

We also supply recycled fencing and compound fencing on our online store so come check us out. Read Less



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