Why Think Fencing?

Fencing innovators & problems solvers

Think Fencing is a family owned and operated composite fencing business that through constant innovation and inspiration, has created a range of PVC fencing products renowned for their quality, durability and beauty.

Every fence we’ve created – and we mean every single one was built on the same foundations that a fence should be more than just a barrier separating paddocks or neighbours.

Shouldn’t it be Beautiful also?

With so many products available on the market today it can be daunting finding the right one.

You fence should look equally as good from both sides, that’s what we think anyway.

All of our systems are made from polymer composites meaning we can design features unachievable in traditional materials.

Our coloured PVC profiles use a unique technology that overlays a UV stable polymer with a high concentration of coloured pigment co-extruded over the inner polymer layer.  This results in colour that is not only long lasting it’s also very scratch resistant.

Fencing contractors are in such a competitive market that a quote for supply and installation of a fencing system may be won over the saving of a few dollars.  This means materials must be sourced from the cheapest supplier, it means that sometimes even workmanship is compromised to build a fence on budget.

We are now putting you in charge!  

With our simple design guidelines you can design the perfect fence that suits you and your budget right from your own home.  Giving you control and assurance that what you order is what you will get.  No compromise on quality.

Because to us, things should always be easy.  Like visualising what your new fence will look like, to measuring and planning right up to installation.  You will be in contact with one of us from start to finish.  No call centers or “I’ll Call you back later Mate” attitude.  Your satisfaction is our Goal.


When you and your family are behind a Think Fencing system you feel good because you have chosen to “Think” differently.

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